SkyWarrior Challenge

Posted: 25 July, 2015 in The Journey

on a fateful Saturday much just like today…
me and my team which has sign up for the Spartan Race which is set for 10.10.2015 decided to test our abilities.

we found out about the SkyWarriors Rainforest Challenge at Putrajaya Precinct 2 about a few months ago and it was a little like the obstacles in America Ninja just that its a lot easier. definitely not a lot easier in our sense when we did tried it.

SkyRidePark-Putrajaya-18072015-00 SkyRidePark-Putrajaya-18072015-01

there were eight obstacles in total. two were newly added in July 2015 which seriously strain the upper body, they were obstacles two and three.

first obstacles was easy, jumping across five non-bouncy pads, i really thought they were bouncy. we drop in the water mostly at obstacles number two and three. the boss was kind enough to let us bypass some obstacles so that we can try the others in front but of course to be fair, no timer will initiate. obstacles four and five were pretty easy or acceptable to get through. i couldn’t get through obstacle number six which was swinging through ropes to get to the other side and my arms strength was already failing. obstacles two required to traverse by gripping on tennis ball size knobs and it is slightly inclined. obstacle three is two sets of monkey bars, going up, cross over and then come down.

SkyRidePark-Putrajaya-18072015-02 SkyRidePark-Putrajaya-18072015-03

once we realize how far we need to train, we vow to come back in a month time to redo it again. a challenge for our own self and a benchmark of our abilities in functional fitness before the Spartan Race. its rm20 for unlimited tries but i think most people would have given three tries at most before calling it a day. you need to go to a booth nearby and sign up a form individually. you are allowed to wear shoes or not and it is up to you.

there were foods and drink stalls nearby so not a bad place to hangout actually plus whoever wants, can always ride the hot air balloon nearby. if you plan to go in the early morning, i suggest you better PM them on their facebook to double check, last time i did, we started at 1pm despite it says open at 10am.
more information here:

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